Lervig – Peanut Better Stout Nitro (Stout – Imperial / Double Pastry)


    44cl  11,2% ABV  Stout – Imperial / Double Pastry

“Contains alot of peanuts!! shake gently to give it a stir, before pouring hard!
“No, this beer isn’t ‘flat’ – it has been nitrogenated.
We would highly recommend serving this cake, umm, CAN after a big dinner as dessert.
Crack it open to the nice nitro hiss, quickly pour it down in a tall tumblr glass and just enjoy the nice cascade. If your friends aren’t mesmerized by the cascade yet, let them have a smell of the glass and they will soon realize that this beer is just stuffed with real peanuts!! The smell should really be enough to win the great Norwegian bake off. Great chocolate, coffee, and peanut aroma. Most importantly, the taste? Expect something between a salted peanut fudge cake and peanut mocha coffee! “


Peso ,56 kg



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